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Hemodynamic Measuring Station DAVID


DAVID watches electrical and non-electrical physical processes in the cardiovascular system of the patient such as the intracardiac pressure, formation and conduction of nerve impulses, and ejection fraction. DAVID outputs the measured values in up to twelve curves or as characteristic numerical values and displays them in real time on two monitors.

To monitor the vital signs of the patient, a heart rate monitor beeps (short tone during each systole phase) and an alarm tone indicating that the heart rate has dropped below the temporarily tolerable heart rate of 30 beats per minute (continuous tone). An audible indicator of the oxygen saturation in the blood of the patient is also available as an option. The measurement is taken with pulse oximetry using Nellcor™ OxiMax™ technology. The tests can be performed at rest or during activity.

In addition to monitoring the patient's status, DAVID is used to monitor the success of the therapeutic cardiac catheterization. Various parameters can be recorded continuously using up to 16 additional modules. Each module consists of an analog recording unit, digital transmission, user operating segment, and separate calculating unit.

In order to make documenting and analyzing the measurements easier and initiate appropriate further actions, DAVID can be connected to the HKWIN module of the metek software package. Furthermore, DAVID has various interfaces to diagnostic and therapeutic devices such as angio syringes and defibrillators as well as X-ray equipment from all major manufacturers.

DAVID is also available as a mobile hemodynamic measuring station.