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Automated CD- /DVD Burner Rimage 2000i

Rimage 2000i

With its two recorders, the automated CD/DVD burner Rimage 2000i is the perfect tool for efficient central generation of medical CD's. The Rimage 2000i is a complete, pre-configured system that provides you with the highest quality and reliability at exceptionally low production costs.

An optimal balance between printing time and printing cost makes the Rimage 2000i a champion in its class. With the patented data streaming technology, the unit achieves maximum production efficiency; its high write speed maximizes CD production efficiency. Speed, reliability, and a high input capacity of 100 blank discs, combined with a high-quality HP color printer, make the Rimage 2000i the leader in its segment.

In addition to monitoring and control by the PC client, additional status values can be displayed on the integrated LCD display to provide you with information about the current burning or printing task. The powerful software is flexible and can be individually configured as a single-user version, a working environment for work groups, or a primary production solution in the corporate network of a large company.

As an option, additional X-rays or ultrasound devices can be connected (DICOM), and the system can be expanded by adding SAN components.