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The HKWin software package was developed to fully exploit the capabilities offered by computers for calculating, processing, and storing digital data. HKWin is the perfect aid for cardiac catheterization and ultrasound diagnostics, as well as for creating and maintaining digital patient files. HKWin determines which information is useful for diagnosis and therapy much faster and more accurately than is possible manually.

In combination with the DAVID measuring station from metek, HKWin records invasive blood pressure curves and ECG signals. In addition, the time and the number of each test step executed are recorded automatically. HKWin calculates the pressure gradient across the heart valve and the valve opening surfaces and also calculates cardiac shunt and heart volumes.

Additional modules:

  • Full overview of tests conducted or of selected functions during the examination
  • Display of blood pressure curves and measurement results on TFT monitors
  • Output of the data collected in a complete examination protocol and a brief report that can be configured as desired
  • Archiving of cardiac catheterization data on the database server or RAID system.

HKWin is also compatible with existing measuring systems.